We have great pleasure to inform you that, We have started an Auction Information Center in Mumbai.

We have vide experience of purchasing Auction Goods.

Deals in All CFS at All Over India

Since the last about many years During this period, we have learnt that many times the Importers Goods are auctioned directly without the knowledge of the importers, due to which importers have to suffer huge losses.

For this, we have started one scheme. You have to become our member and pay the membership fees of Rs.3000 per year. Against that, we shall inform you about the Auction of your goods, if any, being held.

We shall also inform you about the auction of similar goods which you require and which are held regularly, and can procure at a cheaper rate than the market price.

If you require any further details regarding the above matter. Please contact
Mr. S.N. Gandhi on the above address.


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